to the Live and Breathe Yoga 350 hour Teacher Training online learning program. We are so excited to have you here on this course with us. Let’s get started.

hello from Allison

Hello! It is going to be a wonderful year of learning and reflection together. All you need is an open mind and heart, an eagerness to learn and do your best. The trainers are here to support your yoga practice and teaching journey as we want you to thrive on this course and deepen your knowledge and experience of all aspects of yoga. The course is designed to challenge and stretch you in body and in mind, fill your heart but not overwhelm you with complexity.

meet the team


allison dearling

Allison is a leader in the industry and is best known for her down to earth compassion and big-hearted teaching. Her ability to adapt the practice to be inclusive, accessible, and transformative has meant she is highly regarded by her peers and well-loved by her loyal following.

Her unwavering dedication to her own staff and students and her ability to make everyone feel safe, seen and supported is rare and incredibly special.

This course has been her vision for many years and sharing this now is a dream come true.

harry normand

Harry’s ability to deconstruct complex dysfunctional movement patterns and re-engineer them to support his clients to thrive using massage, corrective exercise and yoga has made him highly regarded in the health and movement industry.

He beats (and dances) to his own drum, has completed thousands of clinical treatment hours, and a sneaky engineering degree combined with his biomechanical knowledge means he has always been well ahead of his time.  His passion for healthy movement patterns and posture comes through in just about every conversation he has.

tracey uber-cook

Tracey’s teachings are wise beyond her years and profoundly life-changing.

She speaks from her heart and has a beautiful ability to share ancient philosophy and practices for modern times all with intelligence, a twinkle in her eye and a wonderful sense of humour. 

Through the transformational tools of chanting, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, self-inquiry, and silence, Tracey encourages students to reveal the profound truths, which reside deep within their own hearts

“When we bring our mind into our body, the body becomes mindful, and the mind becomes embodied.”

~Donna Farhi

Pre-reading recommendation

To start getting you prepared we ask you to start reading (or re-reading) Bringing Yoga to Life by Donna Farhi and Light on Life by BKS Iyengar. Both these books have been of huge inspiration to the trainers and we want to start here. You don’t need to have finished them by the course start date but it will get you in the right mindset to begin.

reading list

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course outline

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