welcome to the live sessions

We offer live sessions every week to keep you getting onto your yoga mat on a regular basis. Having a weekly connection time booked in with us will  keep you accountable and help to build the habit to practice regularly. Yoga only works if we keep showing up on our mat each week and there is nothing like a live class to help us do just that and not let the busyness of life take over.

How do the live sessions work?

Book your sessions in the same way as you would a regular class using our online booking system on our website.

Once you have booked your live virtual class you will be emailed the Zoom link for the live class. You will also automatically have the recording emailed to you afer the class is finished.

Zoom is an online streaming platform that we use to ‘host’ our classes that you can join from your laptop, tablet or phone.

Prepare your space for practice by removing distractions and obstacles (like TV, pets, furniture, family) as best you can, set up your yoga mat and ensure you have any yoga props handy. You may even like to hook up a speaker so that you can adjust the volume to be just right.

Join the Zoom class about 5-10 minutes before the class starts and let the teacher know if you have any injuries at the moment so they can assist you if needed.

Make sure your camera is switched on and your microphone is muted.

Take your time, do your best but most importantly take care of yourself. If you need to rest please do. We want you to enjoy your time with us, look forward to it and feel better than when you started.

Setting up for home practice

Check out Martina’s super helpful video on how to set up for home practice.

“May the practice give me the clarity to know the next right thing to do, the courage to do it with my wholeheart and the kindness to have patience every step of the way””

— Allison Dearling